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The persian new year begins at the precise moment when the sun passes through the vernal equinox, almost always on the 21st of march, and the following thirteen days are marked by a series of festivities and visits to relatives and friends. For several weeks beforehand, housewives have been making new clothes and preparing sweetmeats for visitors. On the last wednesday of the old year, bonfires are lit in gardens and open spaces over which people jump as they ceremoniously rid themselves of their sorrows.

Every house prepares a display known as “haft-sin” (the seven ss), consisting of seven objects, the name of which in farsi, begins with the letters.

In honoring this new year, this gift contains symbols traditionally included in such celebrations. They are respectfully offered to you with the desire to make your now ruz a happy and heartfelt occasion.

The traditional symbols are:

Sabzeh – wheat or lentils grown in a tray dish prior to the celebration, to represent rebirth

Samanu – a sweet pudding made from wheat germ, symbolizing afflue

Senjed – the dried fruit of the lotus tree which represents love

Seer - meaning garlic, representing medicine

Seeb – apple, represents beauty and health

Somaq – sumac berries, which stand for the color of the sun rise

Serkeh – vinegar, represents age and patience

Sonbol – the hyacinth flower with its strong fragrance, heralding the coming of spring, and

Sekkeh – coins that represent prosperity and wealth other items included in the celebration spread are:

Shirini – sugar cookies and pastries

Candles – which represent enlightenment and happiness

Mirror – representing the reflections of creation on the first day of spring

Painted eggs – a symbol of fertility

A bowl with goldfish – represents life and the end of the zodiac sign of pisces

An orange in a bowl of water – representing the earth floating in space

Rosewater – believed to contain magical cleansing powers, and a copy of the holy koran and divan-e hafez. Some delicious chocolates and truffles have been added to this gift to make your celebration even sweeter.

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